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OroCommerce FormĀ : create color picker field

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Orocommerce is new  b2b ecommerce system , this system will need customizable themes , and the frontend developer need know how use color picker field for give the ability to user for customizing the theme from admin panel ,

Ok orocommerce is built on top of oro platform , and the platform propose you a lot of form type , you can find all in path vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/FormBundle/Form/Type/ .
One of them is OroSimpleColorPickerType and OroSimpleColorChoiceType . Let's try using simple example of how you can use  OroSimpleColorPickerType .

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Orocommerce Video Course : Expression in Payment Rules and Shipping Rules

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Infos About Payment Expressions

For flexible display and use of payment methods or shipping methods , you need explore and know how the rule expressions is working  , 
rules expression give you the ability to change the behavoir of payment methods , yeah : “ for example the Check/Money Order it will be availible just with some conditions and other not , if the customer have less than 4 items don't give him the option of Check/Money Order“ , with expression you can find solutions for complex cases “ what's about b2b ? ” ,
Orocommerce give you this big tool , for example in other system like magento you don't have by default “ you need add an extenssion for that like owebia shipping , but is just related to expression for shipping  !!!! ”

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OroCommerce Video: Pro Pdf Manager Demo

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Pro Pdf Manager create pdf with template inside OroCommerce ,download or send by email , from grid or inside entity view .

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Magento 2 For developerĀ : some ideas about Search Framwork

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The search use 3 request name in magento 2 :

'quick_search_container' when you search from the small field text in the top

'advanced_search_container' when you use the advanced search page

'catalog_view_container' when you entre to category page or use filter in category page it's work by default

inside class Magento\Framework\Search\Search the function search(SearchCriteriaInterface $searchCriteria) build a request with class Magento\Framework\Search\Request\Builder; it's start by puched in object $this→requestBuilder the query name example 'quick_search_container'

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Magento 2 For developer : some ideas about frontend search

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For customize behavior of search you need know the mechanism of how Magento 2 stock and collect infos and how used  it, Now in Magento 2 we have in database catalogsearch_fulltext_scope1 and catalogsearch_fulltext_scope2 related to how many scope you have let's imagine you have 2 store one for English and other for Arabic ,  the system create 2 scope . And stock the map of search inside this tables , bot how ? Yeah let's go and see the structure of table ,this table have 3columns entity_id and atrribute_id and data_index

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Woocommerce Add custom api route


In woocommerce you have api for rest already placed for many data like orders , products , customers..
but how you can add custom route api with custom data to imports (fields and value) ,

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Woocommerce connector ready for orocrm 1.10

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Woocommerce connector ready for orocrm 1.10 , and the big feature is Woocommce OroCRM Failure cart follow up email (on try to exit tab or browser) , persist cart and create abandoned cart.

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Magento 2 Call media gallery (product images) in product list

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After see many frontend developers peoples search for how call gallery in product list page , we decide to write small course (tutorial) for how done this task .Ok first you need create class helper inside your module , for example Ibnab/Common/Helper/Data.php and push the code

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Woocommece CRM

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Establish bi-directional connection between  (Open source CRM ) OroCRM and Woocommerce ,you can import customer order coupons and abandoned cart to CRM , for centralize the management of sales marketing and reporting , OroCRM, it can be used for anything related to your store marketing, sales, and customer services ,The WooCommerce Connector allows merchants to get a 360° view of every customer , recover abandoned cart and recover order

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OroCRM How to Use the Pro PDF Manager


Learn how a OroCRM Administrator can add or modify PDF templates (subtemplate) and how you can use those templates to download and email documents using the PDF Manager Pro

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Magento 2 More details about checkout page

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The checkout process in Magento 2 it's more practice and more abstracted with new generation ideas of user experience , in this course ibnab try to give you some key for customize the checkout page .

Saw the system use component for create and manage the page checkout, it's start from the layout checkout_index_index.xml in path vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/layout 

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OroCRM WooCommerce Some videos about connector

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Ibnab almost finish a nice connector for OroCrm and Woocommerce , you can imoprt customer order coupons and abandoned cart to crm , for centralize the work on sales and marketing

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Magento 2 backend add custom grid action (target _self or _blank)

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Ok the new generation of ui grid in magento 2 give you the ability to create or change grid  with xml file, this xml use extern php file for getting all part needed .
Our example here is the grid action like edit in catalog product grid or delete preview in page cms grid ,
ok we want add custom action .

Ok the xml responsible for ui grid of  product list in backend is vendor/magento/module-catalog/view/adminhtml/ui_component/product_listing.xml , and for action you will inside this file :

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Free Magento 2 Easy Mega Menu

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Without high technical knowledge , Easy Mega Menu give you the ability to create an organized menu ,
You have a lot of products , give a best user experience to customer :

Manual installation :

    download from store

    past in your folder app/code

    enable extension in app/etc/config.php by adding 'Ibnab_MegaMenu' => 1,

    and execute the command php bin/magento setup:upgrade

   and execute the command rm -rf var/view_preprocessed/  pub/static

   and execute the command php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

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Migrate Form ATG Commerce to Magento 2 (concept and programmation) (part1)

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In the world of the big business  appear Oracle ATG Commerce , in many statistic It occupies an advanced position , yes the Magento 1   It has several elements to accommodate large-scale projects and it needs ,  But it lacks the tools by which tasks are separated, and the removal of conflict, the user experience in admin, default unit test tool , it's real and flexible system but with old mechanism  , In Ibnab we think the Magento 2 is here for taking  advanced position in this domain of big  business  and  large-scale projects .

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Magento 2 Paypal Fee (charge) and life cycle

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In magento 2 paypal is implemented with module Payal , in case if the customer choose payapl as method of payment M2 use Magento\Paypal\Model\Cart in place of \Magento\Payment\Model\Cart , it used for collect items and amount and validate the infos collected before sending to paypal ,

The model have more additional methods as (it extend from parent Magento\Paypal\Model\Cart) :
getAmounts()  : Get shipping, tax, subtotal and discount amounts all together
_validate( ) : Check the line items and totals according to PayPal business logic limitations
_importItemsFromSalesModel() : Import items from sales model with workarounds for PayPal

Yeah after collecting the amounts and validate  let's consider we choose Paypal express , the checkout redirect the function Paypal/Controller/Express/Start Action but inside this action it use the global Api class Model/Api/Nvp.php

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