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OroCommerce Some lines about layout (Block , Container , CMS Page) ….

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Inside views folder you will find folder layouts contain 2 floder of themes by example if you go to vendor/oro/commerce/src/Oro/Bundle/CMSBundle/Resources/views/layouts , you will find 2 theme blank and default as basic theme .
Inside everyone of it we have folders which named by (oro_frontend_root = home page or global declaration) (oro_cms_frontend_page_view = cms page view ) .

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OroCommerce Customize header top bar

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OroCommerce give you the ability to customize your header by combining many components and bundles like layout service management and other , first go to file : vendor/oro/customer-portal/src/Oro/Bundle/CommerceMenuBundle/Resources/views/layouts/blank/page/top_nav.yml
you need observe that is inside blank basic theme (the big parent of default and custom and other theme) the content is :

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OroCommerce Form : create color picker field

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Orocommerce is new  b2b ecommerce system , this system will need customizable themes , and the frontend developer need know how use color picker field for give the ability to user for customizing the theme from admin panel ,

Ok orocommerce is built on top of oro platform , and the platform propose you a lot of form type , you can find all in path vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/FormBundle/Form/Type/ .
One of them is OroSimpleColorPickerType and OroSimpleColorChoiceType . Let's try using simple example of how you can use  OroSimpleColorPickerType .

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Orocommerce Video Course : Expression in Payment Rules and Shipping Rules

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Infos About Payment Expressions

For flexible display and use of payment methods or shipping methods , you need explore and know how the rule expressions is working  , 
rules expression give you the ability to change the behavoir of payment methods , yeah : “ for example the Check/Money Order it will be availible just with some conditions and other not , if the customer have less than 4 items don't give him the option of Check/Money Order“ , with expression you can find solutions for complex cases “ what's about b2b ? ” ,
Orocommerce give you this big tool , for example in other system like magento you don't have by default “ you need add an extenssion for that like owebia shipping , but is just related to expression for shipping  !!!! ”

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