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Woocommerce Add custom api route


In woocommerce you have api for rest already placed for many data like orders , products , customers..
but how you can add custom route api with custom data to imports (fields and value) ,

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Woocommerce connector ready for orocrm 1.10

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Woocommerce connector ready for orocrm 1.10 , and the big feature is Woocommce OroCRM Failure cart follow up email (on try to exit tab or browser) , persist cart and create abandoned cart.

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Woocommece CRM

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Establish bi-directional connection between  (Open source CRM ) OroCRM and Woocommerce ,you can import customer order coupons and abandoned cart to CRM , for centralize the management of sales marketing and reporting , OroCRM, it can be used for anything related to your store marketing, sales, and customer services ,The WooCommerce Connector allows merchants to get a 360° view of every customer , recover abandoned cart and recover order

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OroCRM WooCommerce Some videos about connector

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Ibnab almost finish a nice connector for OroCrm and Woocommerce , you can imoprt customer order coupons and abandoned cart to crm , for centralize the work on sales and marketing

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